Sarbamangala Mandir

Sarbamangala Mandir

The Sarbamangala Temple with Tarakeswar, Rameswar, Kamaleswar, Chandreswar and Mitraswar Shib Temples situated at D.N. Sarkar Road, Burdwan is an old religious institution which has been built by Maharaja Kirtichand in the year 1702 A.D. and since then the temple has become a holy place to the people of Burdwan as well as nearby Districts and States. Be it mentioned that the celebrated temple and the deity has same importance and popularity as like as Kalighat, Dakshineswar, Tarakeswar and Tarapith. Hundreds of devotees feel pride on taking the blessing of Mata Sarbamangala everyday. The idol of Mata Sarbamangala is very very old (approx. 1000 years old) from time immemorial, people felt the existence of it in old literatures and holy books. This is an idol of Mata Durga with eighteen hands and bestowed on Lion MAHISHA MARDINI and is the first NABARATNA temple in the undivided Bengal. The structure of the temple manifests the unique blending of art and architecture of Terra-cotta style and popular architecture of the then Bengal. The historians have graciously depicted the historical importance and the archaic value of the temple. The Sarbamangala Temple is main historically importance tourist place in Burdwan District. After abolition of the Zamindari, the then Maharaja of Burdwan Sir Uday Chand Mahatab formed and constituted a trust in the year 1959 and thereby handed over the deity in favour of the Trust Board and since then the Trust Board is managing and performing the seba puja and maintaining the properties of the deity. Sarbamangala Mata Thakurani has an old heritage in the mind of all religious minded people. From very far off place of Burdwan District people assemble here and offer seba puja and even from remote corners of West Bengal people come here to offer their pujas and obtain blessingof the Mata Sarbamangala . It has become a holy place as well as a tourist spot in this State. In the festival days the number of devotees run into lakhs. They all come from different walks of life. The Government of India has notified this temple as the place of public worship considering its historical and archaeological importance vide Notification No. 11478 dated New Delhi the 7th day of September, 2000. Main occasion of the temple Bengali New Years day i.e. 1st Baisakh, Bipadtarini Brata, Saradiya Durgotsov, Kali Puja, Nabanna and Shib Ratri Brata etc. Out of meagre income of Mata Thakurani and with the help of devotees and reputed business houses since 1994 the Trust Board have been trying to renovate the main temple and to give it a new look and maintaining it to proper form. Creation New Bhogghar (measuring approximate 4000 sft.) arrangement of Daily Bhog to the devotees, renovation of all Shiba temples and creation of a beautiful garden with one big fountain within the temple campus and a Nat Mandir (measuring approx. 5000 sft.) electrification / lighting, Yatri Nivas for outside devotees of the tourists for about 40 heads, drinking water, telephone toilet and car parking facility also here. District Administration and Burdwan Municipal Authority in consultation with present popular Left Front Government have come forward to lend their hand of Co-operation for development in and around the Sarbamangala temple.

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