Ghagar Buri Chandi Mata Temple

Ghagar Buri Chandi Mata Temple
India     West Bengal     Asansol

Maa Ghagar Buri Chandi Temple is located on Kali Pahadi in Asansol. It is believed that Maa Ghagar Buri is one of the other images of Maa Chandi, the mother Goddess. The Ghabar Buri Chandi temple is located on the banks of a small rivulet, named Nunia. The temple is open from dawn to dusk and you can offer pujas here during the morning time. Almost 550 years ago Asansol was a forest of Asan and Sol trees. Beside the woods Kangalicharan lived with his family and used to visit the nearby villages for puja purposes. Daily he used to cross the Nuniya river and reach for the villages. Universe is never indifferent. It keeps record of everything and everyone in it. And reveals its secrets to the ones who have respect towards it and never try to fool it. On the first day of Magh, it revealed one of its secrets to Kangalicharan. It was a nice winter afternoon, with warm comforting sun over the sky, but was a long hard day for Kangalicharan. He was coming back home from the villages, crossed the Nuniya river and got so tired that he sat under a pair of trees to rest. The bright winter sun was so comforting that soon Kangalicharan fell in slumber. But it, nay not know how long being elapsed that a vibrant sound of trotting by a stick, as if, some one is approaching the tired hapless priest. To his strangeness he oped his eyes and oh! what a sight! The moment he had dipped in slumber a long ago when there was fresh and comforting sun … all around everything had been discernible but now, the sun is still there in the blue firmament but whole of the surroundings i.e. the thickets and jungle is engulfed in a strange darkness. . . no foliage or the branches could be visible to him. So he tried his level best to mark the difference of the darkness and the light… rubbing vehemently his eyes as usual to detect the difference. But in vain. The running water of the Nuniya and its amazing sounds, the buzz and the hiss of the wind all around had been stopped in a peculiar trance as if the time itself has been in “casura” and the Nature is in a stand and still position. How? Why? Kangalicharan is baffled. The silence not of the eternal crematory but the vibrant and prominent too to the sensibles only, not for all; either to all! The sound had been gradually intensifying and approaching towards the half oped Kangalicharan grappling with himself to gauge the reality or the surreality! Without disturbing the cloak of darkness an old emaciated lady with strange glistening look with a bamboo stick slowly approaching to him. With Her steppings the whole of the Nature and its particles were kowtowing to Her in submission as if the royal Highness on the “Great Visit” to Her creations rather everyone should destined to get Her bliss of benediction. Awestricken Kangalicharan in his great numbness could not but continued to relish of vision sublime that he had been bestowed with. All the strength of the body of the great onlooker could not muster the movements of the flight to run away far from the very cosmic presence of the whole area! The old lady had worn the worldly termed Ghagra with the aura of celestial illumination with the pitch darkness all around that had made Her presence more and more prominent, vibrant and divine. She did not divulge anything audible but clearly listenable to Kangalicharan in his great the then spell with three chunk of stones with directives of Her — “HENCE ONWARD NEVER GO TO ELSEWHERE FOR WORHIPING AND MADHUKARI RATHER HERE SHOULD WORSHIP THESE”. This directives as he realized got in the swoon. How long he remained in the slumber nay not know, the eyes of the rising sun greeted next morn by Kangalicharan, the great bestowed. As he attempted to reconnaitre the dream of this very event he found the tangible three stones lying there in his lap. The moment passed on and on whole of the day with total brooding self of Kangalicharan ended somehow. That night the very historic dream clarified everything to the great devout Kangalicharan. “GHAGAR BURI” divulged the significance behind these three edifices of stones. The middle stone is the Goddess GHAGAR BURI, to Her left Goddess MAHISHMARDINI and to Her right PANCHANAN MAHADEV — with benign nectar sprinkling over the inhabitants of Asansol of today getting back long ago with this legend. Some of the other places of interest near the Ghabar Buri Chandi are Shantiniketan, Vishnupur and Vishwa Bharati. Chelidanga is a popular shopping place located at a distance of about 2 km from station, where you can shop for clothes, sports accessories, electronic goods and the like. The Ghabar Buri Chandi Temple is a must visit location for ardent devotees of Mother Goddess. It is the prime example of the religious fervor in India and you can also take part in the wonderful religious practices here. Ghabar Buri Chandi Temple is a year round destination that attracts devotees from all over. However, it is advisable to visit the shrine during the winter months. It is fairly easy to reach the temple as one can hire a taxi from the Asansol Station to the shrine.

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