Saharanpur is a city and a Municipal Corporation in the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India. It is the administrative headquarters of Saharanpur District and the Saharanpur Division. Saharanpur city grew in a region named after a Sufi Saint Shah Haroon Chishti. It was founded by Sah Ranbirsingh, a Jain nobleman who was the Mughal treasurer; he laid the foundations of the present day city on the site of an army cantonment. Situated close to the borders of Haryana and Uttarakhand states, the city is surrounded by a fertile agricultural region that produces plentiful grains and fruits. Saharanpur is known for its wood carving cottage industry as well as a thriving market for local agricultural produce, including basmati rice and mangoes. A variety of industrial enterprises are located here including textiles, sugar, paper and cigarette factories. It is about 550 km from the capital city Lucknow , It is 164 km from National Capital of India Delhi whereas It is 70 km away from the Capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun. Saharanpur Nagar nigam is the city which is selected for the urbanisation and development under both the 'smart city' scheme and AMRUT scheme which is to be funded by the central government of India. Saharanpur Nagar nigam ranked 3rd in the smart city competition held by Uttar Pradesh Government. The Saharanpur Botanical Gardens, known as the Company Garden and once the preserve of the British East India Company, is one of the oldest existing gardens in India, dating to before 1750. Then named Farahat-Bakhsh, it was originally a pleasure ground set out by a local chief, Intazam ud-ullah. In 1817, it was acquired by the British East India Company[9] and placed under the authority of the District Surgeon. Joseph Dalton Hooker says of this Botanical Garden that "Amongst its greatest triumphs may be considered the introduction of the tea-plant from China, a fact I allude to, as many of my English readers may not be aware that the establishment of the tea-trade in the Himalaya and Assam is almost entirely the work of the superintendents of the gardens of Calcutta and Seharunpore. In 1887, when the Botanical Survey of India was set up to reform the country's botanical sciences, Saharanpur became the centre for the survey of the northern Indian flora. The Garden is seen historically as being second only to the Calcutta Gardens for its contribution to science and economy in India. Under private auspices today, it is full of greenery and has many different kinds of plants and flowers. Other places of interest are Ambedkar Memorial, founded by Chief Minister Mayawati, and the sprawling wood carvings market, which starts from near Ambala Road and extends up to Chilkana Road. Here, examples of the art of this city are displayed, sold, and exported all over the world. The backbone of city centre public transport is the cycle-rickshaw, with auto-rickshaws being available at hubs. Private buses and taxis are available in the city. City buses on some selected intercity routes is also under planning; the Nagar nigam has started widening of selected roads for this reason. There is also a proposal of running only CNG auto-rickshaws or e-rickshaws to reduce pollution in the city. Saharanpur is well-connected to all major cities by bus and train. The city is located on National Highway 73. The city is also a junction point of two state highways namely State Highway 57 (Delhi-Saharanpur-Yamnotri Highway) and State Highway 59 (Saharanpur-Muzaffarnagar). Both these state highways have been proposed to be four lane (from current two lane) and the work of converting to four lane is under construction. The Roadways Bus-stand is located near the Saharanpur Junction railway station; buses operated by Uttar Pradesh Government Roadways and other government and private sector services are available from here for all nearby towns and major cities. Saharanpur is a major A category railway junction of Indian Railways. The main railway station, Saharanpur Junction railway station which lies on Amritsar-Howrah main line and Dehradun-Delhi line is in the middle of the city, and the Tapri Railway Station which serves as secondary railway station to the city is on Paper Mill Road. Saharanpur Junction railway station is among the busy railway junction in northern India which handles more than 200 trains per day (both passenger and freight trains). Saharanpur Junction railway station is among the 500 'A' category station to be redeveloped as model station. Saharanpur also have an electric loco shed which homes 100 electric locos at Khanalampura near Saharanpur which comes in Ambala division of Northern Railway. Besides this saharanpur also have a MEMU Car shed at choti line near ITC. Some important trains which passes from saharanpur are Dehradun Shatabdi, Amritsar-Haridwar Janshatabdi, Golden Temple mail, Begampura express, Himgiri express, Chhattisgarh express, Shalimar express, Durgiana express, Sadhbhawna express, Nauchandi express, Akal takht express etc., Saharanpur falls on the route of the proposed 1,839-kilometre (1,143 mi) Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor project, funded by the World Bank. Saharanpur Airport is at Sarsawa Air Base, it is manned and operated by the Indian Air Force. The Indian government has outlined plans to develop 200 low-cost airports in 20 years, mainly to connect tier-II and tier-III cities. Saharanpur is one of the cities which has identified by the Indian government for developing low cost airport. It is under planning to upgrade the Saharanpur Airport to handle commercial flights in future.

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