Sunam is a city and a municipality in Sangrur district in the Indian state of Punjab. Sunam means the name with a good reputation. According to old people of sunam, sunam derived its name from tsunami which means structure like hump of camel. This city is the birthplace of Shaheed Udham Singh. Sunam is the birthplace of Shahid Udham Singh, who shot former British Indian governor Michael O'Dwyer in revenge for his support of the notorious Jallianwala Bagh massacre. Samadh Baba Bhai Mool Chand Sahib Ji: This is one place in Sunam where people from all religions/communities come to pay homage to a great saint of 17th Century. Descendants of his legacy are known as 'Bhaike' as they all are from a small village near Sunam named 'Bhai Ki Pishour'.Once every year they congregate in this ancestral village naned ' chhajjli' app. 25 km from Sunam, of theirs in a social gathering known as 'Babe Mitti'.Now some of them are settled in Sunam mostly known by their surname 'Moudgil Joshi'. This is by far the most visited place in Sunam. Sitasar: It is an ancient tank spread over 80 bighas. It is said that Sita, wife of Lord Rama, washed her hair in this tank when she was turned out of the house by Rama. Even now the widows of nthe surrounding area come here and wash ltheir hair. It is also said that at one time kumb fair of the Punjab was held here. The tank is, now, not in good condition. Shiv Mandirs have been built in the south west and north of the tank. A small Shitla Mata Mandir has also been built in the south of the tank in which an ancient idol of Mata has been installed. This tank, it is said, was filled with the water of River Saraswati. In The Geographical Dictionary of Ancient And Mediaeval India 1927) The Mubarak Shahi gives us some idea of Firuz Shah’s canal digging activity during this period. The river Sarsati (Saraswati) comes from the great mountains and falls into the Sutlej. An earthen hillock near a place called Barwar, Firuz was informed, separated the River Saraswati from the Salima canal (of Firuz Shah). If this hillock was dug up, the water of the Saraswati would flow into the canal which could then be taken to Sahrind or Sirhind, Mansurpura and further on to Sunam. Firuz went to the place and began digging up the hillock. Gurudwaras: There are number of Gurudwaras in Sunam. The most well known is the Gurdwara of the first Guruji Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Gurudwara Pehli Patshahi well known as Wadda Gurudwara where Guruji stayed for a night. Muslim community: Before Partition of Punjab Sunam's population was predominantly Muslim, legend has it that if there would have been 1 more peer it would have been the first 'Peergah' (Makka) in the region with 100 peers but that did not happen as 1 peer lies just outside the boundary of the city and now Muslim Community constitutes about 15 families in Sunam. Peer Banna Banoi is an Islamic shrine in Sunam. People of all faiths pay homage as Peer Banna Banoi was a God fearing and a true Muslim who sacrificed his life on the day of his marriage to save the Hindu & Sikh girls from being kidnapped by the armed goons.

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