Sunabeda is an industrial town and a municipality in the state of Odisha, India, located in the valleys of the Koraput region. The engine division of the aircraft manufacturing company Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is in Sunabeda. Created around 1965, mainly to accommodate HAL employees, Sunabeda is a planned and organized township. It is situated around 1,000 meters above sea level. Prior to its creation, this place was known as Old Sunabeda which was occupied by native tribal community. About a thousand tribals in and around Chikapar village were displaced and rendered homeless to give way for the HAL factory.[1] Even though the factory was made with Russian collaboration, the township and factory buildings were executed by state engineers of Odisha. The project was named Aero Engine Factory (AEF) Project. The residential colony is called AEF Colony with a Chief Engineer responsible towards it. After the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War a shelter camp for the Bangladeshi refugees was constructed which became Sunabeda–3, which today predominantly comprises Bengali Hindu people. The Odisha Small Industries Corporation established the Odisha Timber and Engineering Works adjacent to NH-43. Most Bengali people joined here as carpenters. When the Kolab dam was constructed a catchment formed around Sunabeda in the form of a big lake. Some of the Bengali people took to fishing and today Sunabeda is a centre for making fishing boats and nets for which fishermen from as far as Malkangiri come to buy their provisions. Sunabeda has a very old Jagannath Temple, older than Koraput Jagannath temple which holds Annual Rath Yatra that ends at HAL Open Air Pandal. This event is an important annual event in Sunabeda. Maa Banadurga temple at Shantinagar is the oldest temple of the Region, where the tribals celebrate their annual Chaita Parba, the oldest annual event of the entire Sunabeda region. The major cultural events in Sunabeda are the Rath Yatra, the Viswakarma Puja, Dussehra and other festivals. There is a Jagannath temple in AEF Colony and L zone in HAL Township. Maha Sivaratri which is celebrated at the temple of Shiva atop a hillock just close to the AEF Colony bus stop, There is a Hanuman Temple in IB zone. There is also a Jagannath Temple at L-Zone named as Swarnakhetra, Tarini Temple at B-Zone, Mangala Temple at R-Zone and K-Zone, Gayatri Temple at G-zone, Santosimaa Temple at E-Zone, Satyasai Temple at F-zone and many more temple at HAL Township for the spiritual development of the people of the township. In the boundary of Jagannath Temple there is a Siva Temple where Baba Biswanath worshiped. Besides Siva and Jagannath there is also Ganesh Mandir and Laxmi Mandir. Arnapurna Mandap and Laxmi Mandap also constructed in the boundary of Jagannath Temple for social functions of the Township. At an extreme of the township, there exists a hill called Chikkappara. On the hill top is the oldest temple - " Lord Siva Temple" and Parvathi Temple at the bottom of the hill. By the side of the temple Lord Ayyaappa Temple is there, which was consecrated on 15 February 1989. There are a lot of stories related to this temple. On the time of consecration, an Eagle, which is rare in Sunabeda, revolved around the temple, like the eagle coming to Sabarimala temple. Every year on "Mandala Puja" day, water flows from the hill just behind the temple. This was predicted before the construction of the temple and it is happening every year since 1998. Only on that day the water flows and that also for about an hour during the Abhishekam time.

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