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Pangong Lake

Pangong Lake is an endorheic lake in the Himalayas situated at a height of about 4,350 m. During winter the lake freezes completely, despite being saline water. It is not a part of Indus river basin area and geographically a separate land locked river basin.

Tso Moriri Lake

Tso Moriri is a lake in the Ladakhi part of the Changthang Plateau in Jammu and Kashmir in northern India. The lake and surrounding area are protected as the Tso Moriri Wetland Conservation Reserve. It is the largest of the high altitude lakes entirely within India.

Gangabal Lake

The Gangbal Lake also called Gangbal Lake, is a lake situated at the foothills of Mount Haramukh in Ganderbal district, north of Srinagar city in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is an alpine high altitude oligotrophic lake, home to many species of fish, including the brown trout.

Gadsar Lake

The Gadsar Lake or the Yemsar Lake also called as the lake of flowers is a picturesque, alpine high altitude oligotrophic lake in Ganderbal district of Kashmir valley at an elevation of 3600 metres. Gadsar in Kashmiri means the lake of fishes, a natural habitat of trout and other types of fishes among of which is the brown trout.

Krishansar Lake

The Krishansar Lake is an alpine high altitude oligotrophic lake situated in the vicinity of Sonamarg, less than one kilometer from Vishansar Lake north westwards at an elevation of 3710 meters. Krishansar in Kashmiri means the lake of Krishna.

Alpather Frozen Lake

Alpathar Lake is one of the major attractions of Gulmarg and the tourists can have a lot of fun here. This calm and beautiful Lake is also known as the picnic spot. The mesmerising ambiance of the place is truly speechless. The scenic beauty of the hills and snow-capped mountains seems as if you are in heaven.

Chandra Taal

Chandra Taal is situated in the Spiti part of the Lahul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh, India. The name of the lake originates from its crescent shape. It is situated at an altitude of about 4,300 metres in the Himalayas.

Prashar Lake

Parashar Lake lies 49 km north of Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India, with a temple dedicated to the sage Parashar. The lake is located at a height of 2730 m above sea level. With deep blue waters, the lake is held sacred to the sage Parashar and he is regarded to have meditated there.

Fateh Sagar Lake

Fateh Sagar Lake is situated in the city of Udaipur in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is an artificial lake named after Maharana Fateh Singh of Udaipur and Mewar, constructed north-west of Udaipur, to the north of Lake Pichola in the 1680s. It is one of the four lakes of the Udaipur city.

Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lake or Pushkar Sarovar is located in the town of Pushkar in Ajmer district of the Rajasthan state of western India. Pushkar Lake is a sacred lake of the Hindus. The Hindu scriptures describe it as Tirtha-Raj – the king of pilgrimage sites related to a water-body and relate it to the mythology of the creator-god Brahma, whose most prominent temple stands in Pushkar. The Pushkar Lake finds mention on coins as early as the 4th century BC.

Man Sagar Lake

Man Sagar Lake is an artificial lake, situated in Jaipur, the capital of the state of Rajasthan in India. It is named after Raja Man Singh, the then ruler of Amer, who constructed it in 1610 by damming the Dravyavati river. The Jal Mahal is situated in the middle of the lake. The lake, situated to the north of Jaipur city lies between Amer, the historic city and Jaipur, the provincial headquarters of Rajasthan state.

Doodh Talai Lake

Doodh Talai Lake or Dudh Talai lake, is a small pond located adjacent to the Lake Pichola, near Shiva Niwas Palace, in the heart of Udaipur, Rajasthan. The Doodh Talai Lake is located very much near the center of the Udaipur City. It is around 24 km away from Udaipur Airport, and just 3 km & 4 km away from Udaipur City railway station and Udaipur City Bus Depot, respectively. Visitors can also take local Tongas, auto-rickshaws and taxis to reach Doodh Talai.

Jait Sagar Lake

Jait Sagar Lake is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bundi. This 1.5 km long lake is encircled by hills and is sprinkled with lotus during monsoon and winter months. On the bank of the river, one can see the terrific carvings of elephants.

Hudco Lake

Hudco Lake was constructed artificially in the beautiful surroundings of the TELCO Colony. It is situated near a park which also houses an artificial waterfall that uses the water of the lake.The lake and park complex are located on a beautiful hillock and it provides a panoramic view of the entire city. This is an ideal spot for picnics and evening amusements.

Dimna Lake

Dimna Lake in Jamshedpur is an ideal place to spend your day if you feel like getting away from the city and spending a quiet day with your loved ones or friends. Situated at a mere distance of 13 km away from the Jamshedpur city area, it is close to the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary. An artificial lake in the Steel City of Jamshedpur, it is located at the foothills of the Dalma mountain range and is famous for its serenity and pleasant greenery.

Kondakarla Ava Lake

Kondakarla Ava is a famous Lake and Bird Sanctuary in Visakhapatnam of Andhra Pradesh state in South India. It comprises a unique and endangered forest type, its located in foothill of Eastern Ghats.

Sally Lake

Just 3 kms away for Roing, you are at a famous Sally Lake, a natural lake surrounded by thick green forest provides a serene and tranquil atmosphere. The lake overlooks the beautiful valley down below on the far horizon and the gushing Dibang River spreading its branches in multiple directions.

Gurudongmar Lake

Gurudongmar Lake, also known as Gurudogmar Lake, is one of the highest lakes in the world, located at an altitude of 17,800 ft (5,430 m) in the Indian state of Sikkim. It is a lake which is considered sacred by Buddhists. The lake is named after Guru Padmasambhava, also known as Guru Rinpoche, founder of Tibetan Buddhism who visited the lake in the 8th century.

Nigeen Lake

Nigeen Lake is a mildly eutrophic lake located in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is sometimes considered a part of the Dal lake and is connected to it via a narrow strait. The lake is a major tourist attraction in Srinagar, known for its relatively pristine waters as compared to the Dal lake.

Tulian Lake

Tulian Lake a lake and tourist destination at Pahalgam in Anantnag District of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. The lake often has chunks of ice floating in it. It is surrounded on three sides by mountains covered with snow. It is located in a meadow dotted with pine forests.

Wular Lake

Wular Lake is one of the largest fresh water lakes in Asia. It is sited in Bandipora district in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The lake basin was formed as a result of tectonic activity and is fed by the Jhelum River.

Mansar Lake

Mansar Lake is situated 62 km from Jammu, Mansar is a lake fringed by forest-covered hills, over a mile in length by half-a-mile in width. Besides being a popular excursion destination in Jammu, it is also a holy site, sharing the legend and sanctity of Lake Mansarovar.

Pulicat Lake

Pulicat Lake formerly Pralaya Kaveri is the second largest brackish water lake or lagoon in India, after Chilika Lake. The lake encompasses the Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary. The barrier island of Sriharikota separates the lake from the Bay of Bengal and is home to the Satish Dhawan Space Centre.

Khajjiar Lake

Khajjiar Lake is situated in Khajjiar, in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is situated at a height of around 1920 m above sea level between Dalhousie and Chamba Town. The lake is set in a huge grassy landscape, with evergreen cedar trees surrounding it from all sides.

Bhrigu Lake

Bhrigu Lake is a lake located at an elevation of around 4,300 metres in Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh, India. It is located to the east of Rohtang Pass and is around 6 kilometres from Gulaba village.

Mehao Lake

Mehao Lake is a natural lake of Roing and is regarded as one of the most beautiful places in Arunachal Pradesh. Located at an elevation of around 3,000 feet in the Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary. Covering an area of about 4 sq km, the lake attracts numerous wild ducks and also offers boating facilities.

Lake Pichola

Lake Pichola, situated in Udaipur city in the Indian state of Rajasthan, is an artificial fresh water lake, created in the year 1362, named after the nearby Picholi village. It is one of the several contiguous lakes, and developed over the last few centuries in and around the famous Udaipur city. The lakes around Udaipur were primarily created by building dams to meet the drinking water and irrigation needs of the city and its neighborhood.

Nakki Lake

Nakki Lake is a lake situated in the Indian hill station of Mount Abu in Aravalli range. The lake is in length of about a half mile and in width about of a quarter of mile and 20 to 30 ft. deep towards the dam on the west. It is an important tourist attraction of Mount Abu. There is the Toad Rock on a hill near the lake. Toad rock is so called as it looks like a toad about to jump into the lake, from the side of the rock facing the lake.

Balsamand Lake

Balsamand Lake is a lake situated 5 km from Jodhpur on Jodhpur-Mandore Road. This lake is a popular picnic spot, built in 1159 AD by Gurjara-Pratihara rulers. It was designed as a water reservoir to provide water to Mandore. The Balsamand Lake Palace was built later as a summer palace on its shore.

Lake Foy Sagar

Lake Foy Sagar is an artificial lake situated near Ajmer in the state of Rajasthan, India. It is named after the engineer Mr. Foy, an Englishman, who created it under a famine relief project in 1892. He created it to tackle with harshest conditions of famine under a famine relief project. It appears flat, and offers views of the neighboring Aravalli mountains. The lake is among the tourist spots of the city.

Nawal Sagar

Nawal Sagar Lake is a major tourist attraction of Bundi. The lake is all around surrounded by different baoris. This artificial lake has a famous temple at the center. The temple is dedicated to Lord Varuna and it holds immense religious significance. People from all over visit the temple to seek the blessings of Lord Varuna.

Topchanchi Lake

Topchanchi Lake is an interesting tourist spot in the Dhanbad district of Jharkhand. Though the lake is an artificial one, its green surrounding amidst forests and hills makes it an ideal picnic spot. It is also in demand for sound and serene vacations. It covers a total area of 214 acres. Topchanchi Lake is basically a stream which is dammed like a reservoir to supply water to the district and its suburban areas.

Rabindra Sarobar

Rabindra Sarobar is an artificial lake in south Kolkata in the Indian state of West Bengal. The name also refers to the area surrounding the lake. Today the lake and its surrounding areas are one of the most popular recreational areas in Kolkata. In the winter, one can spot some migratory birds around the lake, though the numbers are dwindling because of the rise in pollution level. The lake itself is home to many varieties of fish. Fishing is strictly prohibited.

Dal Lake

Dal Lake is a lake in Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir. The urban lake, which is the second largest in the state, is integral to tourism and recreation in Kashmir. The lake is also an important source for commercial operations in fishing and water plant harvesting.

Manasbal Lake

Manasbal Lake is located in Ganderbal District in the State of Jammu and Kashmir in India. The name Manasbal is said to be a derivative of the Lake Manasarovar. The large growth of lotus at the periphery of the lake adds to the beauty of the clear waters of the lake.

Sheshnag Lake

Sheshnag Lake an alpine high altitude oligotrophic lake situated at the track leading to Amarnath cave 23 kilometers from Pahalgam in Anantnag district of Kashmir valley in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir at an elevation of 3590 meters.

Vishansar Lake

The Vishansar Lake is an alpine high altitude oligotrophic lake situated in the vicinity of Sonamarg at an elevation of 3710 meters. It has a maximum length of 1 kilometer and maximum width of 0.6 kilometers. This lake holds great importance for Kashmiri Pandits. Vishansar in Kashmiri means the lake of Vishnu is home to many types of fishes among of which is the brown trout.

Tso Kar Lake

The Tso Kar or Tsho kar, known for its size and depth, is a fluctuating salt lake situated in the Rupshu Plateau and valley in the southern part of Ladakh in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Kareri Lake

Kareri Lake is a high altitude, shallow, fresh water lake south of the Dhauladhar range approximately 9 km North West of Dharamsala in Kangra district, Himachal Pradesh. Its surface is 2934 metres above the sea level.

Manimahesh Lake

Manimahesh Lake is a high altitude lake situated close to the Manimahesh Kailash Peak in the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas. The religious significance of this lake is next to that of the Lake Manasarovar in Tibet.

Gadisar Lake

The Gadsisar Lake is one of the most famous tourist places in Jaisalmer which was built by Raja Rawal Jaisal, the first ruler of Jaisalmer. In the later years Maharaja Garisisar Singh rebuilt and revamped the lake. This historic lake is located towards the south of Jaisalmer city and the entrance to the lake is through Tilon-Ki-Pol, a magnificent and artistically carved yellow sandstone archway.

Ana Sagar Lake

Ana Sagar Lake is an artificial lake situated in the city of Ajmer in Rajasthan state in India. It was built by Arnoraja, the grandfather of Prithviraj Chauhan and is named after him. The catchments were built with the help of local populace. The lake is spread over 13 Kilometers. There is an island in the center of the lake which is accessible by boat. Boats could be hired from the east side of the Daulat Bagh.

Maota Lake

Maota Lake is located in Amber, in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The ancient name of the lake is Mahavata, but it is commonly known as Maota due to the large trees located near the lake. Maota Lake is located in the south of the city of Amber, about 11 kilometers from the center of Jaipur, at the base of Amber Fort. The lake contains an island in the center, named Kesar Kyari Bagh.

Siliserh Lake

The charming Siliserh Lake covers an area of 7 kilometers. It was established in 1845 under Maharaja Vinay Khan. It was initially built as a source of water supply for the residents of Alwar city, now this lake houses a striking Lake Palace, which is known to be made for the love interest of Maharaja.

Jayanti Sarovar

Jayanti Sarovar is a gorgeous lake in Jamshedpur city. Mostly used as a recreation spot, the lake mostly attracts tourists during winter months for rare and exotic birds migrate to the spot. Besides, the premises have an amusement park for kids replete with slides, skating rings etc. The lake also has water fountains and flower beds to accentuate the beauty.

Senchal Lake

Senchal lake is located 10 km to the south-east of Darjeeling, is the main reservoir of potable water for the town of Darjeeling, India. The lake is located at an altitude of 8,160 ft atop a hill. The hill also has one of the highest golf courses in the world. Senchal is a favourite picnic spot.

Kolleru Lake

Kolleru Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in India located in state of Andhra Pradesh 15 kilometers away from the city of Eluru. Kolleru is located between Krishna and Godavari deltas. Kolleru spans into two districts Krishna and West Godavari.

Ranchi Lake

Located at the base of the majestic Ranchi hill, this lake was constructed in the year 1842 by a British National Colonel Onsely. It is centrally located and has boating facilities. Being well-maintained by the authorities, this is the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxed evening and is ideal for picnics. The Ranchi hill itself is a popular tourist destination, it also has a Shiv Mandir at its top and one can get a panoramic view of the entire city from there.

Glow Lake

Glow Lake is spread over an area of 8 sq km, located in Wakro circle. It is a marvelous place with rich flora and fauna. Snow clad mountains add to the scenic beauty of the place. It is an ideal place for the adventure enthusiast. The route to the lake is up and down hills.

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