Mundra is a census town in Kutch district in the Indian state of Gujarat. Mundra Port is the largest private port in India. The Mahadev temple has memorials to some sailors of town, including some who advised the Sultan of Zanzibar and guided Vasco da Gama to India. Dariyalal, the patron saint of Kutchi fisher-people has a dedicated temple. Bukhari Pir Dargah: Hazrat Shah Murad Bukhari arrived Mundra from Bukhara (now in Uzbekistan) in 1660. He was welcomed by the locals, introduced them to Islam, and they built the shrine dedicated to him when he died. This shrine receives visitors of many religious backgrounds seeking blessings such as Theba community. The Mughal Emperor built a gate in his honor, which still stands and is known today as the Mughal Gate. The shrine receives large number of devotees returning from pilgrimage to Hajipir in March-April. Fortification : The walls of the old city fortifications have a religious origin, as they were dragged from the ruins of the ancient city of Bhadravati (now Bhadresar). Navlakha Palace: a very large and handsome two-storied rest-house built by a Khoja of Bhadresar. A canopy, chhatra raised over the footprints,padukas of a Jain high priest of the Anchal Gaccha, 13 1⁄2 feet square inside, with a small spire over the marble slab on which the footprints arc engraved. The inside of the dome is neatly carved with a row of standing musicians. The outside of the dome is modern, but the screen wall, pillars, and interior are all old in thirteenth- or fourteenth-century style. As the inscription round the footprints is dated 1744, this shrine is probably the hall, mandap of an old temple. The front of the spire, shikhar over the marble slab boars the footprints of the Guru Harshaji, the disciple of Radhaji, the disciple of the Guru Jivaji, who died in Margashirsha Vad 10th of Samvat 1797 (1740 AD) which is inscribed. Near this is a memorial stone, paliya, apparently, from the figure of a ship carved on it, raised to some seafarer. Shantinath Mahadev Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva. It is located near Shantivan Colony, a township for employees of Adani Port, near Nana Kapaya village. The temple is surrounded by a garden. There are four Jain temples in town; Sheetalnath temple of Anchal Gaccha, Parshwanath temple of Tapa Gaccha, Mahavira temple of Kharatara Gaccha and Amizara Parshwanath temple of Gorji Trust. At Baroi, about a mile from Mundra, enclosed in a small court, is a temple of Nilkanth Mahadev, or the blue-necked Shiva, with, at the right side of the shrine door, an inscription dated 1667 (Samvat 1724). The ling is overshadowed by a large seven-headed brass snake. It is said to have been brought from the Shiva temple of Duda at Bhadresar.

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