Janjgir is the headquarters of the Janjgir–Champa district in Chhattisgarh, India. It has been the district headquarters since 1997, when Janjgir–Champa was carved out of Bilaspur. Well known for its Vishnu Temple, Janjgir is undergoing rapid industrial development and will become home to various thermal power plants in the coming years[citation needed]. After several attempts made by the people to adopt the name Janjgir, the railway station name changed from Naila to Janjgir-Naila. Janjgir is well connected by railways and roads and is connected to major cities like Bilaspur and Raipur through National Highway 200. Every year the city organises "Jajwalya Dev Lok Mahotsav", a cultural programme devoted to King Jajwalya, who ruled the city in ancient times. Places of interest in Janjgir include the deserted ruins of the residence of Miss A. C. Funk, a Christian missionary who lost her life aboard the Titanic and the Nahariya Baba Temple, a temple dedicated to Hanuman. Vishnu Mandir: Twist in the south of Chhattisgarh Jajwly Kalchuri King Bhima Dev, first the edge of the pool was built a temple in the 11th century. The temple is a magnificent example of Indian architecture. Purwabhimuki temple, and is made up of Sptrth plan. Temple is just the top third plane. But not in time. The temple is at a high naturally. Sculpture and crafts: Around the temple are very beautiful and Alnkrnyukt Pratimao markings showing the development of contemporary sculpture. The Sanctuary of the goddess Ganga and Jamuna both sides of the entrance with the gatekeeper, Jai — Victory are located. In addition, as the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva statue. Grunasin statue of Lord Vishnu is situated right on it. In either pane of the temple naturally different — different view appears. Archer on a pane Rama, Sita, Laxman and Ravan and deer are engraved. Bhicshatn Ravana and Sita's abduction of the second pane of the scene. Deer killed by Sri Rama and Ravana temple of Sita's abduction by the entrance of the temple scene on both Parshvon two — two pairs of semi-column which is divided into two main sections. Lanbodar and triple-headed crown with the notation of Mammon. Mridngwadini at the pinnacle of the temple, men embrace siren, sword bearer, dancer Mnjugosha, Janjr plays Dewangnaa? Hnsavli etc. are engraved. Apply kohl in the eyes of the northern leg of the temple Alsyukt Lilavati, Chanvrdhari Chamara, flute plays Vanshiwadini, Mridngwadini, mirrors, etc. Dewangnaan jurist put the dot is located. Wadini Saraswati veena in the south leg, hairstyle Gumfini, Lilavati, Hnsavli, Maninee, Chamara etc. are located Dewangnaa?. Temple of the northern, southern and western leg of the images recorded in different currencies seekers. In addition, the lower hole located in the northern leg of the statue and entrance face the music society's view of both sides is particularly noteworthy. Temple of the Sun Lord is seated in the rear. Broken statue of a hand, but the shoes Use chariot and seven horses are clear.Similarly, many of the sculptures are inlaid in the walls.The sculptures on the temple walls when the heart has been repaired. Have other artistic sculptures around the temple, including the marking of mainly dwarf Dshawataro of Lord Vishnu, Nrsih, are the idols of Krishna and Rama.Here's gorgeous and artistic depictions of the Ramayana Drishyo 10 to 15 get to see. Despite such a decoration in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple is a statue. This temple is lonely and is craving for a lamp. There are many Jnusrutia? the temple building. According to a legend, a certain amount of time (some people call this Chhaimasi night) in the construction of the temple of Janjgir Shivrinarayan temple was in the competition. Lord Narayana had announced that a temple would be completed first, they will enter the same. Shivrinarayan before the temple was completed and entered into Lord Narayana. Janjgir temple was left unfinished forever. According to another legend, the temple to temple, including shifts in the competition has been reported. The story told in the nearby Shiva temple is the top part. Another legend is attached to the mighty Bhima, is also prevalent. It is said that the temple pond Bhim Bhima began running five times the shovel was dug. According to legend, Bhim is the architect of the temple. Accordingly, once a night in the temple of Bhima and Vishwakarma was making contest. Bhima then began the construction of the temple. During the temple of Bhim chisel — hammer goes down then the elephant would bring it back. But once Bhim went into the pond near the chisel, the elephant and the morning were not revert. Bhim was very hurt and sorrow of losing the competition he has two pieces of elephant. The temple was left unfinished. Bhim and elephant statue in the temple complex today is fragmented.Vishnu Mandir was built by the kings of the Hayhay dynasty in the 12th century, but did not complete it. The temple was built in 2 phases. The temple is an incomplete temple which can be seen near Bhima Talab. Hanuman temple: It is famous temple and formally called Nahriya Baba Dham stay at Naila canal railway crossing. Manka Dai Mandir: The Manka Dai Mandir is a famous temple in janjgir. On discovering the idol, he started worshipping it and hence attracting public attention. it is situated in a nearby village khokhra. the temple is in only 5 km from janjgir. Keshari B.Ed. College, Khokhra (Janjgir) Janjgir is a connected with SEC railway and its railway station is Janjgir-Naila. It is well connected to the rest of the country through the Indian Railways. The station is on the main Mumbai-Kolkata (Calcutta) rail line with daily connections to Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune,Nagpur, Puri, Vishakhapattnam and Ahmedabad. The city is connected with Mumbai and Kolkata via Bilaspur, Raipur through the National Highway network. Janjgir is on NH-200 connecting Raipur and Raigarh on either side. Three-wheeled, black and yellow auto rickshaws, referred to as autos, are a popular form of transport. They can accommodate up to eight passengers. Local transportation also includes man-powered cycle rickshaws, horse-drawn Tongas. There are regular buses and taxis to all nearby towns and cities. Janjgir aerodrum is Khokharabhatta, 5 km away. It is not served by any scheduled airlines.

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