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The Oneness Temple is located in Varadaiahpalem, Andhra Pradesh, India. The Oneness Temple is built on the grounds of the Oneness University campus of Sri Bhagavan's ashram. The Oneness Temple exists for the spiritual awakening of humanity. The temple was inaugurated in April 2008. The temple is located in a wide open land beside the misty Eastern Ghats mountains. The location where the temple is built was supposed to have been where many rishis had meditated from the ancient times, giving it a special Spiritual energy. Build in white marble, the temple is designed beautifully with stupas, spires, domes, ornate doors and latticed windows. With it pillar-less meditation halls covering over 22,500 sq feet, largest of such halls in Asia, the temple is a symbol of modern engineering. The temple complex designed to the Golden Ratio, has the largest span of 50 meters-for a civil structure, of pres-stressed beams, which is a box section 3m wide and 3 deep. The engineering and design is acclaimed to have cast and post tension eight criss-crossing RCC beams to take the load of the entire roof structure. The temple consists of three floors. Each floor is large meditation hall. More than 8000 people can meditate together at the same time inside the temple. The halls at the ground and middle level are each a surface area of 6700 m2. The hall at the top floor has a surface area of 2500 m2. The height of the temple is 32.85 m. The entire temple is built on a raised platform of 130 m × 106 m and surrounded by a moat of water bodies at the 4 corners. Cascading water bodies at the central aisle of the main stairway charges the atmosphere with negative ons and energizing the human body. The middle floor is called "Artha Kama" or the Hall of desires and solving problems. The top floor is a pillar-less meditation hall called "Dharma Moksha", where the Golden Orb is kept. Housed in the top floor of the temple, placed upon a throne is the sacred Golden Orb, a solid gold ball of about 36 inches diameter. The Golden Orb is descent from the divine consciousness. To each person who comes there to meditate, the Golden Orb reflects their own individual faith and connects them to their own personal God. People have reported after meditating in the temple, experiences of deep positive transformations in themselves and in their relationship, healing and profound mystical experiences. It is said that the energy of the Phenomenon is held in that ball. When people are allowed to touch the Golden Orb, it is observed that they often fall on the ground in ecstasy, lose consciousness, have vivid wild visions, feel immense power or experience the flowering of the heart. Designed by Prabhat Poddar, the renowned architect from Auroville Pondicherry, the principles of design for the Oneness Temple was based on Prabhat's studies and research in architecture, geobiology and the ancient Indian architectural science of Vaastu Shastra. Every day many thousands of visitors from across Indian and the world come there to mediate. Well-known visitors to the ashram include Shilpa Shetty, Manisha Koirala, Hrithik Roshan, Rakesh Roshan designer Donna Karan, musician Rick Allen and NBA coach Pat Riley. The Oneness Temple organization have adopted 120 villages in the area for social welfare. The Oneness temple is located about 73 km from Chennai and 80 km from Tirupati. Located on the main highway connecting to Kalahasthi, the temple is well connected by bus facilities from Chennai and Tirupathi. The nearest international airport is 90 km in Chennai. The nearest railway station is 8.7 km away at Tada.

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